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Created for Caregivers, by Caregivers

In August of 2014, my family had lost all hope.  My mother was severely ill after suffering from schizophrenia for over a decade and my father was at his breaking point from the stress and abuse that often comes from being a caregiver.  Exhausted, alone and fearing the lives of both my parents, we set out on one last attempt to find my mother help.  


This site became a document of that journey.


The medical and legal processes we uncovered.  The resources that helped us understand the disease.  The wonderful people we met along the way. We wanted to record them here, for any other families out there that may be struggling to help their loved one.  From our family to yours, we hope you find the information 

useful, and that it may help you find solutions and restore hope for your family as it did for mine.

We are an alliance of families, psychiatrists, lawyers and other mental health professionals dedicated to helping caregivers of loved ones with anosognosia find solutions that will help their loved one get well.   

We hope to achieve our mission by focusing on the following key activities:


Building a network of psychiatrists, lawyers and other care providers who understand the medical and legal procedures associated with treating anosognosia and severe mental illnesses

Empowering caregivers by making resources easier to find and connecting them with our network of professionals to help them build their dream team and develop a plan

Advocating for the removal of barriers to treatment by supporting policy change, educating others on anosognosia and championing new methods of bringing healthcare to the patient




Who We Are, And What We

Strive To Do

Our Vision.

That no more lives be lost to mental illness.

Our Mission.

To help others help their loved ones get the help they need.

Our Story.

Meet our family and learn about our journey with anosognosia.

About Us Intro
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